NOTE: This is a temparary website, I shall get my offical one up and running very soon, bare with me!


Lucy Alice Whitten is my name by birth :)

I was born into the hands of my beautiful mother, my father aside, in the odd year of 89.

I was originally born in Bristol, England but left when I was eight. Resulting a move to Scotland. My parents are both english, dad a proud geordie and mum from Durham. My parents are the two soul's that implanted this *feeling* of admiration and passion for anything creative worthy into my heart, and for that, I give them all the love and connection in the world.

I have many many interests. I have had and developed my love for Photography since a very very young age. A big part of my work focusses on Portraiture. People and animals are my buzz!

Over the 22 years I have spent breathing, here I have found what really drives my blood and gives me that ever-lasting passion for the Art & Photography.  Along side a few other things, I beleive that others are an insight, an inspiration, an influence to life. What is in laid in our brains is endless, bottomless. I see this through art, the freely developed natural world, it's miricles.... the whole bundle.

Everything is possible and nothing is impossible.

Lastly, The world is my evergrowing, on going, colourful dreamland. I am  enthused to learn new things throughout my journey, yet I am still in the path of finding my true self.

"Redefine your reality" - Shafin de Zane

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